What does Malala stand for?


Photo by Democracy Chronicles on Flickr.

Malala, through her organization The Malala Fund, continues to work towards her goal of having every girl complete 12 years of school.

According to the Malala foundation website:

“We advocate — at local, national and international levels — for resources and policy changes needed to ensure all girls complete 12 years of school. We invest in developing country education leaders and organisations — the people who best understand girls in their communities — in regions where most girls miss out on secondary education.”

The Malala Foundation fulfills their mission statement by implementing four types of programs: Educating Girls in Pakistan, Alternative Learning Programs, Education in Emergencies and 21st Century Skills.

All four programs focus on providing young girls and adolescents with basic primary education in areas where it is not easily accessible. The programs transcend across the Global South. While catered to their own basic needs, the core value that is implemented is making these young girls competitive for the work force in their own economy. For example, at Malala Yousafzai’s all girls school in Lebanon,  “The new curriculum will enable students to receive their baccalaureate or vocational degrees through the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education or the Syrian equivalent,”(Malala.org)

Another example of this is the Learning Clubs implemented by the Malala foundation in Northern Nigeria:

“The Malala Fund is providing funding to the Centre for Girls’ Education (CGE) to support hundreds of in- and out-of-school girls in Northern Nigeria through learning clubs held in spaces in the community where adolescent girls can meet safely on a regular basis. In these community-based safe spaces led by a local mentor, groups of girls are taught literacy and numeracy skills as well as life and livelihood skills. Funding also supports CGE’s provision of scholarships to cover school-related expenses for girls in secondary school. The project is reducing social and economic barriers to girls’ education, helping to delay marriage, and expanding the critical years in which girls can acquire assets and skills that will serve them as adults.” (Malala.org)

The over arching message of Malala and the Malala Fund is that every child should have a primary and secondary education, including girls, and that the world will only be better off for it.



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